Force USA Micro Weight Plate Set

Force USA Micro Weight Plate Set

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Microloading is an extremely effective technique to break through your plateau and make continual progress and gains. The leap between traditional weight sizes can be a big load for your muscles and nervous system to handle as a percentage difference. This industry standard in weight increments is not relevant to you, your workout or how we train but is purely for affordability which can cause many people to continue using the same maximum weight for which their body has become accustomed and not progress. Adding a small enough weight can mean completing the same amount reps you would normally complete but with the extra weight loaded. This could mean in some exercises you could progress by 1kg every week!

Force USA Micro Weight Plate Sets include pairs of 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 0.75kg and 1kg plates in a convenient carry bag. Adding just the 0.25kg plates to your bar can mean massive gains in the long run. Force USA Micro Weight Plates are not from a cast mould, but instead machined from a solid bright steel bar with an accuracy of 0.02 of a gram and all plates display the weight size.

  • Get past your plateau
  • Get bigger faster
  • Get stronger faster
  • Get constant gains

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