Force USA 45 Degree Leg Press F-45LP

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Force USA 45 Degree Leg Press F-45LP 


Product Description

The 45 degree leg press is renowned as being one of the most effective tools for massive rapid strength and muscle gain in the lower body. Owning an F-45LP Force USA 45 Degree Leg Press means you can now have this popular piece of gym equipment in your own home or studio.

Solid in construction and effective in design, the F-45LP Force USA 45 Degree Leg Press is constructed with SteelForce structural integrity, coated in EcoCoat environmentally friendly powder coating and DuraCore high density foam padding wrapped in sewn rip-stop VorTex upholstery, all designed to be compact with the least possible floor space required.

Using the F-45LP Force USA 45 Degree Leg Press will help build your leg muscles to reach your strength and size goals.

  • Over-sized, strong back padding and support
  • Over-sized foot plate for various leg exercises and correct foot positioning during intense workouts
  • Pop pin for quick and easy adjustment of back pad angle
  • Safety catches
  • 4 x weight plate holders to load up for your exercise
  • 6 x storage weight plate holders
  • 3 x stability grip handles for easy entrance, exit and grip during exercise
  • SteelForce structural integrity
  • EcoCoat environmentally friendly powder coating
  • DuraCore high density foam padding
  • VorTex upholstery

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