Force USA Seated Row Machine

Force USA Seated Row Machine

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Force USA Seated Row Machine


Solid, compact and effective, the Force USA Seated Row Machine (F-SR) is strong enough for gym use, while designed to fit into any home. Featuring SteelForce Structural Integrity and heavy-duty, DuraCore high density foam padding wrapped in sewn rip-stop VorTex Upholstery, the Force USA Seated Row Machine is built to take a pounding. And, with a "Class A" rating, the Force USASeated Row Machine comes with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. The Force USA Seated Row Machine is unmatched in its class and will give you solid and intense workouts for many years to come!

The Force USA Seated Row Machine will help you build your chest, pecs and arms with a huge range of exercises! Push yourself to failure knowing that you are exercising on one of the safest and most effective seated row machine available!


  • Adjustable oversize pads.
  • Easy pull pin to adjust height and chest pad distance in seconds.
  • Adjustable chest pad for correct alignment during your exercise.
  • Can use Standard and Olympic Weight plates - comes with weight plate adapters.
  • Isolated row arms give you an intense workout isolating your muscles during your workout.
  • Options of using fixed or free-movement handles giving you a more targeted exercise.
  • Solid construction provides a safe workout with maximum weight capacity of 250kg
  • Quality bushings provide an ultra-smooth workout!
  • Gives you one of the best exercises to build a rock solid upper body and back!
  • Perform your workouts knowing you are safe, with quality DuraCore padding you will not bottom out and can build your muscles to the max!
  • Heavy duty steel construction.
  • Quality bracing for correct body alignment throughout your workout.
  • Get a great workout with one of the strongest and most versatile Seated Row Machines available.
  • Great for rehabilitation or any other workouts.
  • Quick and easy adjustments.
  • SteelForce Structural Integrity  Built to last high quality heavy-gauge steel that supports even the toughest of workouts.
  • DuraCore High Density Foam Padding - Strong and durable high density gym quality foam padding.
  • VorTex Upholstery  Commercial grade upholstery which has a rip-stop feature.
  • EcoCoat  Environmentally friendly powder coating.
  • Sewn Seats  Not only do they feature VorTex Upholstery, they look nicer too. Sewn seats are more comfortable and will last longer than vinyl seats that are just stretched or stapled on.
  • Dimensions:  180cm L x 120cm W x 130cm H
  • Class A, Lifetime Structural Replacement Warranty along with 2 years parts warranty on all cables and pulleys.

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