Monster G6 Set of Aluminum Alloy Pulleys

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Product Description:

Improve the lifetime, usage and appearance of your Monster G6 by replacing the standard set of pulleys with the optional Monster G6 Set of Aluminum Alloy Pulleys.

This set of 16 alloy pulleys will provide an unsurpassed feel in ultra-smooth movement when using the functional trainer component of your Monster G6. Normally you would need to spend many thousands of dollars on high end commercial gym equipment to get the kind of feel, smoothness, movement and immediate feedback during your exercise but the Monster G6 used in conjunction with the Aluminum Alloy Pulleys set provides this quality of functional trainer movement whilst also providing all of the other features offered by the Monster G6.

Each set includes:

  • 2 x 113mm diameter Aluminum Alloy Pulleys
  • 14 x 88mm diameter Aluminum Alloy Pulleys

The Monster G6 Set of Aluminum Alloy Pulleys are easy to install and will prolong the lifetime of your Functional Trainer component of your Monster G6 to see you through a lifetime of solid training.

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