Concept 2 Rowing Machine – Model E

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Product Description:

The Unbeatable Exercise – Rowing

  • Provides a superb aerobic work-out.
  • Exercises every major muscle group in the body.
  • Benefits heart and lungs with superb cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Is a time-efficient form of exercise and an excellent stress-reliever.
  • Is weight-supporting and non-jarring and so is ideal for rehabilitative exercise.
  • It can be a very effective fat burning and weight loss exercise.
  • It is a lifelong exercise, suitable for people of all ages.
  • It provides a smooth, rhythmic movement that is both safe and enjoyable.

Model E features:

  • PM4 Performance Monitor is standard on all Model E Indoor Rowers.
  • Longer monitor arm makes it easy to reach the PM4.
  • The frame is 15cm higher, positioning you at a comfortable seat height.
  • One-piece leg design for greater stability and solid feel.
  • Nickel plated chain for low-maintenance and a clean look.
  • Fully enclosed chain housing for easy cleaning.
  • Powder-coated frame is sealed with a clear top coat for extra durability.
  • Light metallic gray finish with dark blue-gray accents.
  • Inbuilt heart rate function & Suunto chest belt transmitter.
  • Wireless racing capabilities with up to 8 other Model E rowers.

Easy to Store

  • Easily separates into two pieces.
  • Can be stored standing in a closet or corner.
  • Built-in caster wheels make it easy for one person to move.


  • Length:   242cm
  • Width :    61cm
  • Seat Height :    51cm
  • Weight of Machine:    30kg
  • Space Recommended for Use:    275cm x 122cm
  • Stored Dimensions:    70 x 120 x 140cm(H)
  • Maximum User Weight:    225kg
  • Boxed Dimensions:
    • Box 1 – 142 x 38 x 56cm
    • Box 2 – 71 x 33 x 66cm

What’s Included?

  • PM4 Monitor with 1 LogCard and Rechargeable Battery pack.
  • USB Connection Cable.
  • Owner Manuals for Indoor Rower and Performance Monitor.
  • Suunto Heart Rate Chest Belt Transmitter.
  • Concept2 Chain Oil.


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