Gymnastics Power Rings

Gymnastics Power Rings

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Gymnastics Power Rings

Product Description:

Ring training interest has reached new highs since the international publicity of their key use in training for the cast of the 300 film and use throughout functional training boxes.

Intenze Fitness  Gymnastic Rings are ideal for tremendous gains in upper body and core functional strength. Even basic and regular exercises such as press ups and dips can have dramatic effects once performed with Intenze Fitness Gymnastic Rings. Advance your fitness and strength goals by performing exercises such as Muscle Ups and the Iron Cross to receive gains not possible with traditional weight training.

  • Strap Length - 4 metres

Why train with Intenze Fitness  Gymnastic Rings;

  • Experience massive gains in upper body strength
  • Excellent abdominal workout and improvements in core strength
  • Improved posture
  • A great way to add variety to your workout
  • Great for professional and expert athletes and beginners also
  • Perform a huge range of exercises working most of your body at the one time
  • More natural movement that makes it kinder on the joints
  • Its great for pull-ups, chin-ups and dips
  • Extremely rewarding and FUN!

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